Dutch Dachau Committee

Never again

The Dutch Dachau Committee is convinced that in order to build a better future, it is vital to learn from our past. We aim to pass on the stories of the victims of the Dachau concentration camp to the next generations, in the hope that history will not repeat itself. Our motto is 'Never Again'. The Second World War has shown that the loss of freedom and democracy on one hand, and discrimination and exclusion on the other, leads to unimaginable sorrow that resonates through generations.

"Never Again"

The Dutch Dachau Committee examines our wartime history through five viewing points, best symbolized by their victims:

Therefore, the Dutch Dachau Committee organizes various annual activities to make these viewing points visible. On this web page, you will find the agenda for these activities, learn more about what happened in Dachau and how these events can inspire us to reflect on resistance, freedom, and democracy in the present and the future."

The Minister of Education, Culture, and Science during the Dachau Lecture in honour of Titus Brandsma (2023)


The Dutch Dachau Committee organizes various events throughout the year to reinforce the principles of 'Never Again'.

The Dachau Lecture

An annual lecture highlighting the life of a victim of the Dachau concentration camp.

Dachau Memorial 

A commemoration of all victims of the Dachau concentration camp in Amstelveen.

Visiting Dachau 

A journey to intimately experience the story of Dachau.

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